Just because it isn't on this list doesn't mean we can't do it. It is ALWAYS better to bring your bike by and let us take a look at it before we give you an exact quote. QUOTES MY VARY BY MECHANIC'S DISCRETION. 


Tune Ups: This service is for a bicycle that doesn't need any one thing, but could benefit from a little attention overall. Includes bearing adjustments on the BB, headset, both hubs, minor spoke adjustments, brake and gear adjustments, and lubrication wherever necessary. 

  • A complete overhaul involves disassembly, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and reassembly and adjustment of the entire bike. This includes cleaning and repacking every possible bearing. Perfect for a bike that's survived a hurricane or two. With a tune up, $159.99 ($179.99 value). 



  • True: traditional wheel: $26.50 ($19.50 if bike purchased here). Hidden Nipples: $34.50. 
  • True and replace spokes:  Traditional wheel $29.50-$34.50. Disc Brakes $39.50-$45.50. Hidden Nipples $49-$55
  • Lace Wheel: $65


Services À la carte:

  • Flat tires: $6.50-$12.50 per wheel. Internal 3 speeds: $24. Unicycles: $14.50. Electric Scooters: $39.50
  • Mini Gear Tune Up: $39.50. With installation of parts: $49.50. 
  • Brake tune up: $24.50-$49.50 (1 caliper adjustment to 2 hydraulic caliper adjustments). Installation of new brakes is $49.50-$89.50. NOTE: Brake adjustments and installation includes wheel true. 
  • Pack Bike for Shipping: $59.99. Unusually shaped bikes: $129.50
  • Build Pre-Assembled bike from a box: $79.99 single speed, $99.99 for multi-speed
  • Build unassembled bike (internet special) $150.00 
  • Tape Bars: $19.50 + parts
  • Install Bars: No cables: $12.50, Shifters+Gears: $22.50, Road bike: $49.50 (includes taping bars)
  • Training Wheels: $17.50
  • Computer:  $14.50 regular, $24.50 cadence, $44.50 exotic 
  • Rear Rack: $14.50
  • Front Basket: $14.50
  • Pedals: platform: $10. Pedals and cleats (no items purchased) $45. This includes installation and adjustment on a wind trainer. If Bicycle, shoes and pedals were purchased there is no charge.
  • Chain: $12.50 for installation. Cutting a chain to length $6.50